Our Curated List of Creative Content Marketing Tools

The best content marketing tools are often those that make creativity seem effortless, where you can focus on the act of creation rather than the tool itself. Others let you create in ways that just weren’t possible before. Here we’ve collected our list of top creative tools for anyone focused on marketing activities. But above all, creativity and creative ideas are at the core of every marketing strategy. And efforts should always be coordinated between media, channels and action plans in a harmonic way. Strategic planning should always be included in every new business development or launch and within all the marketing efforts the creativity will make the difference for every strategy we choose to pursue. Fortunately, there’re sites and tools that help to plan and organize strategies and content ideas like the ones included below.

#1 Google Insights Trends

One way to know what the world wants is to check what it’s searching for. If you want to quickly judge what direction a trend is going in, head for Google Trends. The ‘interest over time’ feature is good as it can be overlaid onto a map, showing you how your chosen trend has spread around the world.

#2 Google Keyword Planner

Set up a free Google Adwords account and get the search volumes from the horse’s mouth. Tells you how much terms cost for paid search, which is a decent yardstick for SEO keyword strategies.

#3 Buffer

Buffer is a scheduler and analytics package for updating Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest etc. Not only does it schedule your updates, but it also allows a thorough investigation into what’s working and what’s not.

#4 Google Analytics

Powerful if it’s set up in the right way. Can be used alongside other tools to work out the ROI of all your social sharing, by seeing what your referral traffic does once it’s inside your website, for example, do fans become customers?

#5 Sketch

Sketch is a design tool for Mac users that makes creating campaigns, landing pages, app icons, websites, and any other design a piece of cake. Using a vector-based workflow, graphic design is made simple for those without experience, and optimizes a professional’s experience. The final product is an eye-catching and high-quality visual creation.

#6 Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free content marketing and storytelling platform that allows you to combine photos, slideshows, videos and text in one standalone web page. It’s free to use, and you can log in through your Adobe account, Facebook or Google. Geared towards non-designers, Spark can be used to create social graphics, web stories and animated videos with no technical knowledge required.