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Case Study: Get seen on Search Engine Results. Improve Search Engine 1st Page Visibility and Amplify Target Reach on Google Display Network and You Tube.

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display text and image ads, service offerings, product listings, video content, and generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users.

OBJECTIVE: Whether you want to increase conversions, traffic to your website, or both, our PPC management services can help you reach your goals.  Pay-Per-Click Advertising or PPC, is one of the best ways to target your most qualified audience. It allows you to reach online users where they’re already looking with intent to search or purchase. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for long-term growth, but often you really need a boost. We offer PPC campaign management, ensuring that the money you invest brings the best results for your business.

PROCESS: We create maintain and manage Google advertising campaigns which can have great impact on the business. We manage kw anlysis, ad creation, and budget. Our in depth Google advertising expertise gives us the ability to leverage Google as a powerful business engine. Every single aspect of a campaign is taken care off by us. This includes the initial strategy, setup, management, performance analysis, optimization to making valuable adjustments based on the ongoing performance of the campaign to help your business get as much visibility and quality for the investment.

RESULTS: With Google Ads PPC advertising we deliver instant results. Your ad will be placed at the top position on the first search engine results page, significantly increasing your website traffic and creating more leads. On top of that, you can focus your campaigns on multiple keywords and remain in full control, as the platform budget has an instant on/off switch. We delivered custom PPC campaigns to help increase both conversions and revenue for the company with our PPC management services. Automotive Clients such as Car Dealers achieved a XXX% growth on web traffic with direct impact on sales.


Is your business and website getting visibility online?

Managing Google Ads campaigns is a technical task and it tends to become more sophisticated and complicated once you have to run and manage more than one campaign at the same time. One wrong move can drain your PPC budget and ruin all your visibility efforts. 

Prior to launching your campaign, you should define clear objectives. Why do you want to launch this campaign? What are you hoping to achieve? What do you want users who will click on your ad to do?


Increase your return on ad spend through a/b testing and advanced programmatic management techniques.

By intelligently targeting the right keywords, you will be able to quickly build a customer-acquisition pipeline and generate high-quality leads.

The Google Advertising Campaigns management process we have developed over time is a result of 20 years of experience in advertising, gained while helping many businesses with their PPC efforts. We analise the market and competition, reasearch keywords, plan and set up your campaigns, optimize for performance and traffic.

With Google Ads we got an immediate result in terms of site traffic increase and visits in store for our Black Friday promotion.  We focused on a local target nearby our shop. We doubled our results in comparison to previous year.

Amy F.

Thanks to Google Ads we internationalized our business. We entered in a new market and country, this could not have been possible without online advertising campaigns properly set and managed by our agency. 

Max F.

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What companies should use Google Advertising Solutions?

Working with an advertising agency is a great option if you are looking to:

Consolidate your brand

  • Grow local brand awareness via Google Search and Display Advertising Solutions  
  • Generate traffic to your website  
  • Get more targeted visits and sign ups
  • Create hyper-targeted ads to reach your target segments
  • Get expert advice on Google Advertising 
  • Competitive strategies based on many years of experience
  • Drive sales and build your brand awareness
  • Find clarity on goals, define your audience, scaling campaigns, and measuring results
  • Save time on marketing your business on Facebook

Grow your revenue

  • Get clarity on key performance metrics 
  • Generate new clients leads  
  • Create campaigns that drive traffic to your store
  • Increase visibility online
  • Optimize ad clicks, spend, and conversions
  • Drive landing pages traffic and generate sales conversions
  • Create retargeting campaigns for specific audiences
  • Set up the performance tracking for your campaigns
  • Analyse results and optimize your campaigns for performance over time

Our Service:

Let customers find you when they search for activities like yours on Google. You only pay if you get results such as clicks on your website or calls to your business. On Google search engine people look for what to do, where to go and what to buy at which price. Your ad can be posted on Google in real time when someone is looking for a product or service similar to the ones you offer. An ad at the right time can convert users into customers both when they connect from a desktop computer and when they use a mobile device.

Receive a Custom Corporate Offer

Increase online sales, reservations and mailing list subscriptions with online ads that direct users to your website.

Attract more customers to the store with ads that help users find out where your company is located.

Increase customer calls with ads that include your phone number and a click-to-call button.

Pricing Packages

Google Advertising Solutions. Contact us to request a Custom Corporate Quote.

For Monthly Ad Account Budget above 10000 please contact your Account Manager.

Get a 10% Discount on Bulk Orders for 3+ Accounts on Annual Subscription.


Traffic, Local Awareness

Monthly Fee + €850 Initial Account Setup

Min. Advertising Budget Included, and up to 1000  extra adv. spend to top up.



  • Account Setup and Conversion Tracking
  • Up to 2 Campaigns Overall
  • Up to 200 kw in campaign
  • Up to 1 Country 1 language
  • Google PPC Ads Network
  • Advanced keyword research and selection
  • Dynamic keyword insertion into ads
  • Google analytics integration & goal tracking
  •  1 Monthly Report

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Traffic, Lead Generation, Shopping

Monthly Fee + €1200 Initial Account Setup

Min. Advertising Budget Included, and up to €10000  extra adv. spend to top up.



  • Up to 3 Campaigns Overall
  • Up to 10000 kw in campaign
  • Up to 3 Countries 1 language
  • Google PPC Ads Network
  • Google Display Ads Network
  • 1 Remargeting Campaign or Google Shopping Campaign/ Lead Generation
  • 1 Banner Set Ad design
  • Advanced keyword research and selection
  • Dynamic keyword insertion into ads
  • Google analytics integration & goal tracking
  • 1 Monthly Report

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How it Works: Our Process

We help businesses like yours create, track and automate profitable online advertising campaigns.

Brief & KW Analysis.The first step is to analyse market and keywords data with the latest trends and opportunities. We use this to define the strategy, budget allocation and keywords lists that will be most suitable for a certain brand based on location, industry, type of business, and other valuable data sets.


Planning & Campaigns Creation. We design the campaigns with a structured approach, we use images and an ad copy for maximum performance. Once we get the right structure in place and the ads copy, call to action and images in place, the whole campaign is approved, tested and launched, after this we constantly analyze the performance, give monthly reports, and improve ads over time. 


Campaign Management, Optimization and Tracking. We implement the conversion code and Google analytics integration to track various aspects of the campaigns including reach, ROI, leads, and click-through rates. This allows us to improve overall performance, sales and leads from the overall campaigns we manage.


  • Campaign Brief Form
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Tracking Code Setup & Installation
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Campaign Creation
  • Campaign Quality Assurance
  • Campaign Presentation and Validation
  • Campaign Launch
  • Post Launch Checkpoints
  • Competitor Benchmarking & Research
  • Analytics Dashboard Set Up


  • Campaign Audit
  • Eliminate Irrelevant Traffic
  • Enhance Strategy
  • Intelligent Budget Pacing/ Intelligent Bid Pacing
  • Keyword Expansion & Cleanup
  • Quality Score Management
  • Performance-Based Bid Management
  • Ad Copy A/B Testing/ Keyword A/B Testing
  • Mobile Strategy Management
  • Increasing Click Through Rate
  • Decreasing Cost Per Click
  • Decreasing Cost Per Conversion
  • Remarketing


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.


  • Why do you perform a keywords analysis?
    We ensure you appear for the right searches on Google by completing thorough keyword research up front, and monitoring your campaign’s performance closely throughout.
  • How long does it take to set up the account and first campaigns launch?
    Our campaigns take 2 weeks to build out. Once the campaigns are built and approved, we can go live.
  • Can I get a custom offer?                                            Yes please share with us your requirements and we will be happyto help.
  • Do I need to pay both setup and month one’s service fee together?
    Both are charged on the same day when purchasing the service. Your monthly maintenance payment will be billed in advance, every 30 days.
  • Talking about lead generation campaigns, how do I get my leads?
    For lead generation campaigns, you will get an email notification and access to a google dashboard if not connected to a CRM system of choice.
  • Does the setup fee include a landing page design?
    No, this would be a separate fee which you can purchase under our website design service. Landing pages are not included, however, we can run ads straight to your website if you have one.
  • How many languages can we add?                            For International Campaigns, you can include multiple languages at an additional fee, each additional language monthly management costs € 450.
  • Will I get access to all the campaigns reports?
    Yes you will get a monthly report and view the campaign metrics on the Google Ads tab.

Other Questions:

Please Contact Us to discuss your marketing goals and any additional technical details about your Advertising Campaigns.

 Nicoletta De Vincenzi

Managing Director E-MKTG LAB

"I recommend to focus on the search network for your first campaigns unless you are selling e-commerce products with an online store. Google Shopping is your best bet for an online store. By starting on the search network, you give yourself the chance to build traffic and sales that convert quickly. Once you start to generate a positive ROI, you can re-invest that money into display network remarketing to convert people who didn’t buy from you yet. This strategy can help to create a self-sustaining advertising strategy."

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