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Case Study: Our Facebook Advertising Solutions Service can help your business to achieve exponential growth online and drive sales. We achieved above 3X growth on specific industries.

OBJECTIVE: We specialize in advanced social media tactics and analysis. Our typical clients are mid sized companies, and Startups. Every business should define a clear strategy and KPIs when approaching advertising solutions. Otherwise they risk to waste resources and budget on top of not achieving the desired sales marketing results.

PROCESS: We create maintain and manage Facebook advertising campaigns which can have great impact on the business. We manage ad creation and boosted posts, target demographics, and budget. Our in depth social media marketing expertise gives us the ability to use Facebook as a launchpad that will help growing your business. Every single aspect of a Facebook advertising campaign is taken care off by us. This includes the initial strategy, setup, management, performance analysis, optimization to making valuable adjustments based on the ongoing performance of the campaign to help your business get as much visibility and quality for the investment.

RESULTS: With Automotive Clients such as Car Dealers we achieved double digit conversion rates, and exponential engagement growth in comparison to previous month above 3X.


Are your Facebook, Instagram ads hitting your targets?

Small, medium and large businesses across the globe have one thing in common. They want invest to reach their audience on the platform where those spend most of their time on: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, other.

Prior to launching your campaign, you should take some time to think what is your objective. Why do you want to launch this campaign? What are you hoping to achieve? What do you want the people who will click on your ad to do?


Facebook objectives can be grouped under the following macro categories: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion. We focus on all those three groups of objectives mirroring the stage that any user is at any given time in the marketing funnel.

Facebook is a very popular platform and this is why it offers great sales marketing opportunities. No matter what your audience is, we will find it on Facebook and Instagram, helping you generate better business results. Facebook ads are more effective than other advertising platforms and can get more potential customers into the sales funnel.

The level of engagement related to our promoted events grew overtime over the past months once we defined our audiences in detail. We optimized our budget spent to reach the right people nearby our stores and with a +80% of WebTraffic..

Shane M.

We defined our campaign objectives and generated marketing qualified leads that helped us achieve our sales goals. We had our monthly sales conversion rate up to +40%. Much higher than previously with other campaigns we used to run ourselves.

Jane D.

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What companies should use Facebook Advertising Solutions?

Working with an advertising agency is a great option if you are looking to:

Consolidate your brand

  • Grow local brand awareness via Facebook  
  • Engage with your followers and generate interactions  
  • Get more targeted events sign ups
  • Create hyper-targeted ads to reach your target segments
  • Get expert advice on Facebook Advertising Solutions
  • Competitive strategies based on many years of experience
  • Drive video views and build your brand awareness
  • Find clarity on goals, define your audience, scaling campaigns, and measuring results
  • Save time on marketing your business on Facebook

Grow your revenue

  • Get clarity on Facebook performance metrics 
  • Generate new clients leads  
  • Create campaigns that drive traffic to your store
  • Increase traffic online on your website
  • Optimize ad clicks, spend, and conversions
  • Drive landing pages traffic and generate sales conversions
  • Create retargeting campaigns and custom audiences for specific targets
  • Set up the performance tracking for your campaigns
  • Analyse results and optimize your campaigns for performance over time

Our Service:

We help businesses like yours create, track and automate profitable online advertising campaigns. As your Facebook and Instagram Advertising Solutions Agency, we provide sales marketing advice and strategic solutions to deliver effective messaging to interested users and potential customers in your audience. We will work with you to define your audiences and find the best strategy to reach them and achieve your sales marketing goals.

We will work directly with you throughout the creation stage, targeting, and analysis to ensure we’re meeting your needs. We have in depth knowledge on how to advertise on Facebook.

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Pricing Packages

Facebook and Instagram Advertising Solutions. Contact us to request a Custom Corporate Quote.

For Ad Accounts with Monthly Budget above 5000 please contact your Account Manager. 

Get a 10% Discount on Bulk Orders for 3+ Accounts on Annual Subscription.


Awareness, Engagement, Traffic 

Monthly Fee + €750 Initial Account Setup

Min. Advertising Budget Included, and up to 1000  extra adv. spend to top up.



  • Account Setup and Pixel Tracking
  • Up to 2 Campaigns Overall
  • 1 Engagement/ 1 Traffic Campaign
  • Up to 2 Target Groups per Campaign
  • Max 3 Unique Image Ads per Group
  • Advanced Segmented Audiences
  • 1 Stock Ad Image
  •  1 Monthly Report

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Awareness, Engagement, Lead, Sales

Monthly Fee + €750 Initial Account Setup

Min. Advertising Budget Included, and up to 5000  extra adv. spend to top up.



  • Up to 5 Campaigns Overall
  • 1 Traffic/ Engagement Campaign
  • 1 Lead Generation Campaigns
  • 1 Sales Campaign
  • 1 Retargeting Campaign
  • Up to 10 Target Groups
  • Custom Audiences
  • Up to 6 Stock Ad Images
  • 1 Monthly Report

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How it Works: Our Process

We help businesses like yours create, track and automate profitable online advertising campaigns.

Brief & Target Definition.The first step is to analyse all the audience data that we and our clients have defined. We use this to draft various target segments and custom audiences that will be most suitable for a certain brand based on location, industry, type of business, and other valuable demographics.


Planning & Campaigns Creation. We design the campaign with a structured approach, we use images and an ad copy for maximum performance. Once we get the right structure in place and the ads copy and images in place, the whole campaign is tested and launched, after which we constantly analyze the performance, give reports, and improve ads over time. 


Campaign Management, Optimization and Tracking. We implement the Facebook Pixel and track various aspects of the campaigns including reach, engagement, ROI, lead growth, and click-through rates. This allows us to build new audiences for various social channels and drastically improve sales and leads from the overall campaigns we manage.


  • Campaign Strategy
  • Demographics Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Pixel Setup
  • Tracking Code Setup & Installation
  • Campaign Creation
  • Multiple Ad Set Split Tests
  • Multiple Ad Split Tests
  • Campaign Quality Assurance
  • Campaign Presentation
  • Campaign Launch
  • Post Launch Checkpoints


  • Campaign Audit
  • Enhance Strategy
  • Eliminate Poor Performing Ads
  • Demographics Expansion & Cleanup
  • Ad Frequency Management
  • Performance-Based Bid Pacing
  • Performance-Based Budget Pacing
  • Performance-Based Ad Distribution
  • Ad Copy Split Testing
  • Demographics Split Testing
  • Increasing Click Through Rate
  • Decreasing Cost Per Click


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.


  • What objectives can Facebook Advertising Solutions cover?
    All the marketing and sales objectives can be achieved with advanced campaigns. Our Facebook Advertising Services cover every possible goal, including: Awareness, Engagement, Traffic, Sales.
  • What targeting do your Facebook Advertising Services use?
    We work on Category, Interest, Custom, Lookalike Audiences. Facebook Ads give the opportunity to target large, broad audiences or narrow, specific audiences. The type of audience chosen depends on the sales marketing goals. 
  • What are the Custom Audiences?
    Custom Audiences allow Facebook Advertisers to leverage data and actions performed by users on a Website or Facebook Page. These audiences are based on your website traffic, existing customer lists, or users who engage with you on Facebook or watch your videos, attend an event.
  • What are the Lookalike Audiences?
    Lookalike audiences are specific audiences that include users who are similar to profiles included in one of your Saved/Custom Audiences List. They might share similar interests, demographics, and behaviours as the audience you select to match with.
  • Can I include a Video Ad?
    Yes it can be used in a post engagement campaign without a destination link or in traffic and conversion campaigns adding a headline, description, and call-to-action below the video. You can also create Video Views Ads if your focus is on the video itself.
  • Can I generate growth for Mobile App Installs too?
    Yes sure, with facebook App Install ads you can create campaigns that drive app installs, this is useful if your business has a mobile app that you would like to promote so that more people could download it.

Other Questions:

Please Contact Us to discuss your marketing goals and any additional technical details about your Advertising Campaigns.

 Nicoletta De Vincenzi

Managing Director E-MKTG LAB

"Strategic Planning is an essential component of our Advanced Advertising Campaigns Solutions, an initial brief in person or in video conference ensures that we can put the right plan in place to achieve your desired sales marketing goals structure the campaigns in the most effective way for your business and deliver the best results ."

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