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Key industry studies show that digital marketing for automotive creates more profit than traditional marketing channels. To be successful as a dealer in 2020, it is important to unify online marketing efforts with offline operations. This includes using social media to engage with and sell to customers. And increase traffic in the store. The majority of people who are looking to buy new cars start their search online. This is why digital is so crucial in advertising a dealer or a car.


According to Google, the concept of micro-moments refers to all the little that have shaped an individual’s behaviour therefore leading up to the purchasing of products and services. To track the success rate of a micro-moments strategy, dealers need to identify a multi-touch attribution model, as well as proper conversion tracking. Customers are becoming more cautious and informed and actively seek reviews on a company before making contact or setting foot in the dealership. If a dealership is rated low it has direct ipact on business, because the risk is losing direct enquiries and search rankings. For this reason being proactive in managing reviews is key for reputation.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Web Presence and Google My Business

  • Local Brand Positioning

  • Website Optimization for Conversions

  • Online Advanced Google Advertising Solutions

  • Social Media Management

  • Facebook and Instagram Advertising Solutions

  • Lead Generation and New clients Acquisition
  • Editorial Calendar and Content Creation


We perform Automotive Digital Marketing Strategies to Optimise Leads.
We optimize local presence. Traffic in-store increases overtime for our Clients. We tracked double digits growth of qualified new clients leads. Focused on optimizing website promotional deals including limited offers and events, mobile-first advertising strategy and solutions. The role of the physical store is changing toward experiences and investing in advanced advertising solutions and innovative technology is key, like indoor navigation, simple booking systems, integrated CRM, virtual reality experiences, AI.

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